Sunday, April 18, 2010

Guest Artist: Shelley's Nappy Cake

Hi Everyone, Today I have a Guest Artist - the very talented "Addicted to Anything Crafty Shelley". Shelley is holding a baby shower for a friend of hers, and has made this awesome "Nappy Cake" as a centrepiece for the day. One of the games being played is to guess the number of nappies used. Does anyone want to have a try???

Side View

View of the top

Close up.

I have never seen anything like this. Thank you Shelley for sharing with us. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of Shelley's creations in the future.

Luv, Tereesa.


  1. Thanks for putting this on your blog and can I guess how many nappies, ha ha better not seeing I made it.

  2. Well done Shelley it's gorgeous!!!!
    You put a lot of work into it.

    I guess 52 nappies?

  3. wow that's cool!!!

    I guess 48

    Tori xx

  4. Wow Shelley,I have never seen anything like this either. Well done, i hope the shower went well.


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