Friday, March 26, 2010

My Princess' Birthday

Hi everyone and Welcome to my Blog. Thank you for taking the time to check it out.

Last week was my daughter's birthday so I just had to play with my new favourite cartridge - Once Upon A Princess. As a table centrepiece, I put together this castle in her favourite colours.

The pieces are cut at 20cm and the castle stands at about 25cm high. I cut a draft out first to ascertain which pieces are which so I could work out the colours. On page 75 in the handbook, 3DCastlA is cut in a lilac (these are the 2 taller towers). 3DCastlA-s is cut in purple (this is the top level). The layer is cut in lilac (tower floor and side walls), and shift-layer is in purple (first floor).

On page 76 - 3DCastleB is cut in lilac (front and rear walls), 3DCastleB-s is purple (4 corner towers). Shift-layer are the turrets so are cut in a pink.

After scoring all the folds, the castle is then pieced together. After gluing the castle to a base, I added some Dusty Rose Kindyglitz around the bottom, with some Crystalina Kindyglitz around all the wall edges. Glue is applied along the folds of the turrets with a light pink glitter added (do this before attaching the turrets).

Left side view.

Rear view.

Right side view.

Top View

No birthday would be complete without balloons so I attached some to the rear of a tower. These are cut at 8cm with the shadow in a metallic silver, the main cut in black, and the layers in various colours for the balloons. I added some diamond glitter for extra sparkle.

I couldn't resist adding this beautiful butterfly to one of the towers. All pieces are cut at 3cm with the main butterfly in a turquoise. The wings are cut in a bright pink, with the layer in white. The small butterflies are from a Creative Memories punch. These are double layered and adhered with foam dots.

This gorgeous unicorn is on page 58 in the handbook. All pieces are cut at 6cm with the main unicorn cut in pink, the layer in lemon, the wing and horn is cut in a deep rose, and the eye in black. The nose is coloured with a feltpen, and of course, every unicorn sparkles.

The little pink poodle is cut at 3.5cm. The main part is cut in black (so the nose and eye are visible). The layer is in pink with the oh-so-tiny bow and collar in a deep pink. Glitter has been added to the pom-poms and the accessories. (I have a little poodle named Ebony, so this was very appropriate).

There are three princesses to choose from in this cartridge, with 17 different outfits. I chose the princess from page 26 and the gown from page 28. All pieces are cut at 6cm with the princess cut in a vanilla cardstock, the dress in white and pale blue, and the bows and hat in a dark blue. I cut all the dress pieces in both blue and white and mixed them up to achieve the look I wanted.

All the extras have been adhered to the castle using varying amounts of foam dots for dimension (as you can see for the princess in the right side view). The unicorn is attached only by his tail.

To save having to reload the Cricut mat for each colour, I placed them around the mat using the gypsy (above) - sorry about the photo. I then worked out the sizes I would need for each colour, and placed them on a mat for cutting (below). This saved so much time, and everything could be cut in one go.

My daughter loved this - hope you do too.

Luv, Tereesa.


  1. Welcome to blogland at long last. Why am i not surprised that your back ground is pink! It all looks great. I hope that you are nice and rested after your week away. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. hi Tereesa

    it looks wonderful!!!!!cool blog!!!! :)

    Tori :)

  3. Looks very nice honey - love the background and very catchy name! Absolutely fab!

    Luv Chris.

  4. Congrats, the new blog looks awsome!

  5. Wow! This is a fabulous castle! Lots of work went into this creation. Love it! Your daughter will have so much fun playing with it. TFS!

  6. WOW! that's very impressive!!!

  7. What an awesome castle! Super cute!

  8. OMG! I can tell you spent a lot of time putting this together. Really awesome project.

  9. Well this just takes the cake. It is amazing. I love all of the details.


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