Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"April Flowers" Blooms

Hi, A few days ago, Scrappy-Go-Lucky's awesome "April Flowers Competition" was announced - win your very own CRICUT IMAGINE. Today's "Two Up Tuesday" on Scrappy-Go-Lucky features some flowers Alyssa and I created for Mandy.

These are Alyssa's - I think they resemble some type of bottlebrush flower.

She worked on these all afternoon, colouring each flower centre with a Lemon Spica pen and then glueing them on.

Here's a photo of the leftover cardstock - she's going to use it as backgrounds for some cards.

These are my blooms - I loved using the colour combo of brown, green and turquoise.

Pipe cleaners, wire, and florist tape was used for the branches.

Apart from the pinecones, everything is cut from the Mother's Day Bouquet cartridge. I used Puffy Velvet pens on the petal edges and the stamens - and loved the end result.

I found the cut for the pine-cones on Gypsy Font - and of course, had to add some glitter somewhere.

This is my Baby's Breath - I "borrowed" some of Alyssa's leftover flowers.

I hope these have inspired you. For more photos, and all entry details for the "April Flowers Competition", head over to Scrappy-Go-Lucky.

Till next time,
Luv, Tereesa & Alyssa.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Alyssa Update

Hi, I would like to start this by thanking all of you for your continued support. The phone calls, emails, and cards always put a smile on Alyssa's face - and that is priceless for us.

I'd also like to add that Josh and Chris have been amazing. They can get forgotten in all this, but their lives, too, have been turned upsidedown. They are there for her everyday, helping her however they can, and spending so much time with her. They are pretty special for teenage boys, and I'm very proud of them.

Now for Alyssa's progress - A couple of weeks ago, on a Wednesday night, her blood pressure hit an all time high, but luckily by lunch time the next day, it had come back down. She then enjoyed four days of feeling really well - she was playing with Josh and Chris, actually had a little jump on the trampoline, and she happily did a little retail therapy (as all girls do!!).

On Monday, she became very unwell while we were at the hospital, and they advised that her kidneys were now down to 10%. She became worse and worse each day throughout the week - and this seemed to peak on Saturday - she was sick all day and all night. Then, on Sunday, she started to feel a little better and hasn't been too bad since.

Alyssa was scheduled to have surgery tomorrow (Tuesday), but we found out tonight that it's had to be postponed. We'll find out tomorrow what the next course of action is, so I'll keep you posted.

On a happier note, when Alyssa has been feeling okay, she's been doing some beautiful creations for Mandy at Scrappy-Go-Lucky. Make sure you check them out here on Tuesday and Sunday.

Take care,
Love, Tereesa.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Win an "Imagine" Machine with SGL

Hi Everyone - Have you all checked out Scrappy-Go-Lucky's awesome competition yet? The prize is a brand new Imagine machine! You can get all of the details and the rules on the Scrappy-Go-Lucky blog HERE.

Basically, the competition involves creating an everlasting bloom with the Cricut, using the Scrappy-Go-Lucky colors of turquoise, green and brown. Send it to Mandy so she can replace the live flowers in this lovely birdcage and hang it in the new workshop. There are so many possibilities~

And - wait for it - Scrappy-Go-Lucky has another great opportunity for you. When you buy any of the following 3 items during the month of April you will have a chance to win the entire purchasing price as a cash refund!

Be sure to check out all the details HERE!!

Till next time,
Luv, Tereesa.