Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blog Awards

Hi Friends, I am humbled to know that, even though I've been frequently MIA recently, I have not been forgotten. I have received some awesome Blog Awards, and I'd really like to acknowedge these wonderful ladies.

The first is "A Thing of Beauty" Award from Gracenotes For Today - thank you Grace. This is an award inspired by Grace herself.

The next is a "Stylish Blogger" Award from It's Tori's Time. Thank you so much Tori.

Also a "Best Blog Friends Forever" Award from Stampin' With Leah. Thank you Leah.

Please make sure you check out their blogs - they are all fun and full of wonderful crafty inspiration. I know it'll be late, but I'll be forwarding these blog awards on soon.

Have a lovely day.
Luv, Tereesa.

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