Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Card - Welded Gazebo

Hi, As mentioned earlier, I absolutely love this gazebo image on the Freshly Picked cartridge. I wanted to make this card in the gazebo shape so using the Gypsy, I sized a gazebo shadow cut at 5 1/2". I used the shadow feature to do this so the front image is highlighted when the card is finished.

I then duplicated, flipped, and welded the two images at the three widest points.

Using the hide contour feature, I erased the inner cuts for the back piece to create a solid image.

As the welding caused one side of the gazebo to be smaller, I cut a second shadow image for the front of the card (the photo below shows the back of the card where the front layer overlaps).

I then cut the main gazebo image and layers (again at 5 1/2"). I watercoloured on the left edges of the gazebo for shadow (doesn't really show in the photo), and highlighted the vines with glaze pens. There are flower cuts as one of the layer features, but I have used some pretty forget-me-knots (with a touch of glitter) for extra colour and dimension.

Using Sure-Cuts-A-Lot, and this pretty floral font, I lined up the words "FOR YOU" to show through the columns. It is always best to practise first on scrap paper before drawing or cutting on your final creation.

Lastly I added a champagne coloured rhinestone to the top of the roof to finish off.

Till tomorrow,
Luv, Tereesa


  1. I Love this one Tereesa!! It's soooooooooooo Pretty!!! Great Job!!

    Tori xx:)

  2. Really cute, Tereesa! TFS! :-)


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