Saturday, October 30, 2010

Moonlit Mermaid - Colouring Techniques

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Sorry I'm a day late, but as promised, here is a step-by-step tutorial showing how I coloured the lily pads and moonlit lake with the Copics. The only colours used were C1 / C3 / C5 / C7. Below is the image stamped with Memento Black Tuxedo ink.

I started with the C7, and did small feathered brush strokes along the inner edge of the lily pads to about one third of the way out. I always find it easier to have the image facing a way that is comfortable for colouring.

I then used the C5, and did the same - overlapping a little on the C7, and extending it about two thirds out.

Lastly I've used the C3. Starting at the top (at the edge of the C7), and colouring slowly, I use upward strokes pushing and blending the inks as I go to the edge. Try to do these steps straight after each other so the ink stays damp on the cardstock.

Now for the moonlit lake. To achieve this look, I started with C3, and very lightly, using feathered strokes, brushed inwards around the edge of the lake.

Again, using C1 and the feathering technique, I've started at the edge, going over the C3, and extended the strokes so they join in the middle.

Using the 0 Blender Pen, and with the image upside down, I started under the moon and brushed side to side moving upwards to the edge of the C3 near the mermaid. I then did the same again in a narrow line down through the middle.

Lastly, using the C1, I used feather strokes from the outside edge inwards but not quite joining in the middle. This evens up the tones and blends the colours together.

The lake was finished off by adding some ripples on the water with a white Glaze pen.

Mandy now has Copics, inks and blending cardstock all available at Scrappy-Go-Lucky, so CLICK HERE to check out the full range.

I hope this helps you with your colouring endeavours. I would love to hear what you think.
Luv, Tereesa.


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