Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Surprise Visit !!

Hi Everyone, I had the most wonderful surprise early this morning. The doorbell rang at some ungodly hour, and as, half-asleep, I opened the door, this lady asked if I was having a garage sale. What a surprise, it was MANDY, all the way from WA. I was completely stunned as I had only been on the phone to her a few hours before.

We had a wonderful day attending the Copics Certification Course here in Brisbane (and plan to have some amazing things to show you in the coming months).

Make sure you check the Scrappy-Go-Lucky blog every day this week. They are having another fun Blog Hop with daily prizes for you to win. Here is a sneak peak of my card which will be posted on Thursday.

Good luck with the Blog Hop!

Luv, Tereesa.


  1. wow...How cool is that? So Mandy is in the states, right? I thought I read she wanted to visit the DT here in the states. She made it! yay!

  2. ooops...you are not in the states! but I did read Mandy wanted to come over ;)

  3. Wow what a lovley suprise, hope you have a great few days Mandy. Maybe next time we could all catch up for dinner....and swap craft ideas???

  4. Wow what a fantastic suprise.

  5. Wow how was the course i bet you learnt lots! Knowing you two and the last time you were together i bet you talked all day. HAVE FUN.


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