Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alyssa and Mr Cricut

Isn't this just a gorgeous photo. A couple of weeks ago Alyssa was readmitted to hospital as her blood pressure was consistently extremely high. She was naturally upset, and I hated to leave her alone, but I needed to race home to grab some clothes, toiletries, etc. When I arrived home I found a parcel at the door, quickly opened it, and a "bug" popped out. The lovely Jane (Scossie Jane) brought him home to Perth all the way from CHA LA, and sent him to Alyssa. It was perfect timing - the look on her face when I walked back into the hospital with him was priceless.

He now has a special place near Alyssa's craft desk. Thank you so much Jane - you brightened her day at the best possible time.

Alyssa has started doing a little craft again and is posting on her blog. I'm sure she would love you to stop by and leave a comment -

Below is a sneak peak of a card I made for Mandy's birthday. Head over to Scrappy-Go-Lucky to check it out.

Till next time,
Luv, Tereesa


  1. This photo gives me a lovely warm glow - so glad you love the bug. He is cute isn't he.... Hugs xx

  2. Great photo and yes the timing was perfect.

  3. Alyssa you had better keep an eye on Mr Cricut cause I want one to...


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