Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Handbag for Tori!

Hi Everyone, Another birthday for this month - but a very special one. Tori is a wonderful friend of ours; and Alyssa and I spent a lovely afternoon making this gorgeous little handbag for her.

These cute little worms peaking out from the flowers are from the new cartridge "Create A Critter".

I forgot to take a photo, but we put a surprise in a little compartment that, when you open the bag, is inside.

We hope you had a fantastic day - Happy Birthday Tori!!!

With luv,
PS. Only 2 sleeps to go.


  1. Super cute, I bet she loved it.

  2. This is gorgeous have to have the recipe for this one

  3. Is this a cricut one? Its gorgeous. Love the paper.

  4. WOW Tereesa that looks GREAT!! THANK U SOOOO MUCH 4 MAKING it and THANK U Alyssa for her lovely card and book mark!! there both very cute!! thanks


  5. Gorgeous handbag Tereesa - is it a Cricut cut?? The worms are tooooo cute....

    Hugs xx

    It was great to finally meet up with you last week when you were in Perth, hopefully we'll meet again soon....

  6. Tori loved the bag Tereesa! Its on display in her bedroom, thankyou!


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