Friday, May 21, 2010

L is for Lancer!

I am so proud of my son Joshua. He turned 16 yesterday, passed his Learners test, and has already saved enough and bought himself a car (Mitsubishi Lancer). I wanted his birthday card to reflect this, and after a few modifications, this is what I came up with.

This car is cut from Everyday Paper Dolls. The image is actually a Formula One car (long front), so with a bit of trimming on the front and back, it somewhat resembles a Lancer (I hope). Josh was eager to get his windows tinted, so I have used old x-rays for these windows.

This jolly "happy birthday" is from Celebrations, and highlighted with Kindyglitz.

A banner to show the world he is 16.

Joshua with his baby.

Happy Birthday Josh!!! and Congratulations on your licence.



  1. No wonder you were up so late making this card you have put so much work into it. I hope you keep it somewhere and it dosent get thrown into a draw and forgotten about. AMAZING!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday Joshua and congratulations on your learners. NICE CAR, i wont show my son Joe who is 16 next month and like you has saved enough money to buy a car.
    A great card Tereesa, i have never noticed a racing car on the EPD cart now i will have to go and have a look.
    Are you excited about any of the new carts released yesterday?


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