Friday, May 21, 2010

A Wheelie Good Birthday!

It is sometimes difficult to come up with ideas for males. As the theme for Josh's birthday was obviously Learners Licence and Cars, I thought a "wheel" card (to match the new rims) would be appropriate. Christopher helped me make this card for his big brother.

I used only George & Basic Shapes to cut the three circles, trimmed the edge with scissors (took forever), and used an oval punch for the design on the rim.

The card is then finished off with some brushed silver eyelets and a stamped message.

This is another card Josh received from our good friends - Tracey and her family. It was a winner for Josh - he loved it.

On another note - I would also like to say a big "Welcome to Blogland" to Shelley. As you know, Shelley has been a guest artist on this blog and I definitely recommend checking out her other creations.

Luv, Tereesa.


  1. Love the tyre tracks and the balloons look real!!!!!

  2. The card's look cool!! so does your's mum!!
    love it



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