Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Card - Birthday Bikes 2

Hi Everyone, I have had an overwhelming response to this card, and many requests for the full instructions. I like to answer every email personally, but thought I would also post the instructions here as it is so popular.

Cardstock –
Green – 15cm x 10.5cm

White – 15cm x 10.5cm
             12.5cm x 7.5cm

Bike is from Every Paper Dolls cut at 6cm

The green card is cut up 2cm from the bottom and 2cm in from each side (stopping 2cm from the top (this should give you a cut of a 3-sided rectangle in the centre of your card). It is then scored (up from the bottom) at 3cm / 5.25cm / 7.5cm between the cut edges. This is then folded as shown below.

Before putting the card together, line up the 2 larger pieces of card and punch a tab from the middle top. The smaller piece of white card is then attached to only the bottom section of the cut rectangle, making sure it doesn’t overlap. The two large pieces are then attached with adhesive applied to the bottom and two sides only.

The bike is adhered to only the middle fold at the front.
Attach some ribbon to the top of the small piece to make it easier to pull up.

Your finished card then slides open, making it easy to line up where you would like your sentiments.

Unfortunately I don't have step-by-step photos for this particular card, but if you click here, there are full instructions with step-by-step photos for the Pop-Up Bunny card. Although it is a larger, portrait version, the basic cuts and folds are the same.

Hope this helps.
Luv, Tereesa.

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